Confidence in Multiple Lures

            For those of us who are still not veterans to the sport of bass fishing I can’t stress how important it is to not just have one or two “go to” lures. Fact is if you have one favorite you find yourself using in majority of fishing trips then you should read on. There are lots of types of lures out there and believe it or not, they all work. It just depends on how and when of course. There are lures that are better for certain conditions and situations then others like time of day, season, weather, structure, depth, etc.  As an angler you need to have confidence in more then 1-2 types of lures. You shouldn’t just fish a spinner bait all season for example or a rubber worm. Don’t you want to catch as many fish as possible? If that’s your goal read on.
            I know from experience and have seen many weekend anglers who have that one or two baits they just love to fish and although they have a tackle box full of different types of lures they still spend the majority of their time fishing just one or two types of lures. They try other lures for short bursts but after a dozen casts give up on them when no results are produced and go back to that “go to”. Then they will fish that lure for hrs even if no fish are produced. Do yourself a favor and build confidence in several types of lures and learn how to use them. They do all work and once you catch a fish or two suddenly there comes that confidence, and it will continue to build the more fish you catch. No secret there.
            How am I going to catch fish on a new lure? Simple, commit to it. Commit a few hrs or even multiple fishing outings. Continue to cast a new lure you want to add to your lineup until results are produced. For some of us who lack the discipline, don’t be afraid to only go out to your favorite fishing hole with just that lure. You don’t want to be tempted to tie on your favorite lure and give in all together. Now of course some homework is needed prior to committing such effort and time. You don’t want to be using the lure incorrectly or even worse in the wrong situation. It will happen, you will catch a fish. Once you do, the rest will just happen naturally.  Then within no time you will start to understand how the lure really does earn a place in your tackle box and when you should consider tying it on
            I challenge you. I challenge you to pick a lure that you currently don’t really trust today or use much. For whatever reason, you just don’t use it with much confidence and you never give it more then a few casts on any given day. Make it a goal this fishing season to add a new lure. I’m not telling you to give up your current “go to”, but only trying to show you each lure has a time and place.  Continue to do this and continue to grow as a fisherman and watch your love for the sport grow as well.