Ice is out and its time to get out fishing

           Ice is out and its time to get out fishing. Re-string your rods and clean out your boat. Don't be afraid of a little cold weather. We all have cabin fever and are hungry to go out fishing. What makes it even better is that fish are biting! You just need to apply the right early spring tactics to be successful.
           Jerk baits, slash baits (check out the Rapala X-rap shown below), small plastic stick baits like fry worms or Slugos, and even slow rolling a spinner bait all work. Fish them slow and try to work in those pauses into your retrieve. If you happen to get lucky and catch an extremely warm and sunny day look for them in the flats. They are out there, and as the water climbs to the 60 they will get more lively. For those of us further south like Massachusetts this will happen sooner then say northern New Hampshire for obvious reasons. In addition, smaller bodies of water warm up quicker and should have a better early spring bite. Northern part of the lake will heat up quicker then the southern side. It’s all about the warmest water temperatures when it comes to ice out / early spring fishing. Also if a cold front comes through it can cause the fish to get even less aggressive.
           If you happen to be fishing on a body of water that has smallies (small mouth bass) then you’re in luck. This fish “turn on” or become active sooner then largemouth. In ice out conditions they may only feed for small bursts so be patient and be ready for when they do decide to feed.
           For largemouth bass, they can be found in a number of areas at this time of year and sometimes this can make it quite difficult to locate them. Look for them in staging areas outside of flats. They will relate to any cover as always, but there are not much weeds at this point of the season so you need to find some patches in deeper water which don’t die off every winter. Happy fishing!

Rapala Xrap