Lakes and Ponds

Title: Boat Ramp Direction Directory
Description: This has about a dozen or so popular bass lakes/ponds in Massachusetts plus a few in Rhode Island. Directions are available only, no maps. These are of the more best bass lakes in Mass. Some...

Title: Massachusetts State Ramp Listing
Description: This website is put out by the state. It is a comprehensive list of lakes/ponds in Massachusetts that have public ramps or launches. On this site you can get detailed maps (inc topography) as well as descriptions which include info on fish populations. If you fish in Massachusetts, this website is a must.

Title: Massachusetts Pond Maps
Description: This website is put out by the state. Much like the site above, this site contains info on Massachusetts lakes/ponds that bass fisherman will want to visit. This website only contains maps of ponds and a little less info then the ramp listing site above. Its a good list of spots, and another must have for any bass fisherman of the area.

Title: New Hampshire Public-access Boating and Fishing Listing
Description: This website is put out by the state. A fairly good list of fishing spots in New Hampshire that bass fisherman will want to try their luck in. This website has enough info to help you make it to the ramp, and a few pieces of info on the body of water itself. No maps or topographies.

Title: Maine Public Boat Launch Listing
Description: This website is put out by the state. A complete list of public boat launches on lakes/ponds in Maine. This website doesnt have tons of info and isnt as nice as some site, but will do the job. No maps or topographies.

Important: Be sure to visit our license/permits page before fishing in a new state Favorite Lakes/Ponds for Bass Fishing


Lake Shirley (Shirley/Lunenburg) - good bass lake, gets heavy boat traffic on weekends. Private ramp at shady point campground. Weeds growth get heavy, as a result they drain do a several foot drain down every few years (2006 was one of those years). Dont be surprise to see a tourney there most saturdays and sundays.

Forge Pond (Littleton/Westford) - Dirt ramp, parking for a few rigs only. Fish the river mouth and nearby areas in the spring.

Nashua River (Groton) - Good ramp, parking for 6-10 rigs. This is river fishing and there are plenty of tree stumps out there. Consider yourself warned :) There are big bass though in here, so it is worth it.

Whitehall (Hopktington) - A staple for many bass fisherman. Good ramp and plenty of parking.

Barehill (Harvard) -Lot of people like this place and as a result it gets heavy fishing pressure. The ramp is sand/beach. Ramp fee here during the summer. Some smallies can be found in here.

Knopps Pond / Lost Lake (Groton) - Good ramp, parking for 6 rigs. Great spring lake, gets heavily weeded late in summer since most of lake is shallow.

Grove Pond (Ayer) - Its behind the courthouse in Ayer. This place is for car topppers only, and almost impossible to get in with a big rig. BIG BASS!!

Lake Nippenicket (Bridgewater) - Big lake with good ramp and plenty of parking. Right off the highway. This lake is shallow. Its been known to have some good bass.

Singletary Lake (Sutton / Millbury) - Ramp is good and good parking. There are even some smallies in this lake. Watch out for the rock island in the middle of the lake.

Webster Lake (Webster) - A town and a State ramp available. The town ramp has a fee. This lake is big and a must for any anglers. Can't go wrong at Webster Lake.

New Hampshire

Squam Lake - good bass lake, smallie and largies

Winni - So no more its the biggest in the state and there are tons of smallies

Milton 3 Ponds (Milton NH) - good bass lake, smallie and largies. There is a private ramp for a fee and a ramp by the beach which is only open in summer. Largies and smallies.

WinniSquam - good bass lake, smallie and largies.

Lake Horace (Weare) - Classic bass lake, on the smaller side. Town ramp with plenty of parking. Worth a trip.